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What is inclusive education? What does it mean?

Including children with disabilities in quality learning. Inclusive education primarily aims at providing education to specially abled students along with normal students and by providing facilities and normal atmosphere as given to the normal students.

Why is Inclusive Education Important ?

a. Creates confidence in differently abled children

Inclusive education helps to realize one’s own importance in the society.Differently abled children see themselves as a part of this society and they have their own capacities. It helps to overcome inferiority complex.

b. Creates ability to follow social rules and regulations

By mingling with the normal students differently abled children get opportunities for knowing some rules and regulations that should follow in a society. i.e, it helps to learn some social manners.

c. Helps to develop their abilities

By mingling with normal students, differently abled children develop their own abilities and capacities.inclusive education provides them to involve in all activities like a normal child.

d. Creates empathy or positive attitude towards differently abled children in the minds of normal pupil

By giving education for differently abled children along with normal students, normal students gets a lot of experiences with them and they get opportunities to interact with them. By mingling with such students they have empathy and sympathy towards them.

e. Some other merits of inclusive education are :

Students can be integrated socially with their peers.
They can create long-lasting friendships that would not be otherwise possible. These friendships can give them the skills to navigate social relationships later in life.

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